From day one, Tyvan Billing has envisioned an innovative, yet simple payment process for our patients. We sought to end the erroneous and excessive charges made by some health care facilities and strive towards a higher level of customer satisfaction through a transparent billing process.

           We believe that innovative billing doesn’t have to be complicated. Continue reading to learn more about how Tyvan is continually working towards servicing our customers and building a trusted brand.


          Convenience isn’t our goal. It’s our standard.

           We understand that our customers have busy lives and that their time is valuable. With this in mind, we’ve remodeled our website to allow patients to pay their bills online. Customers can visit our website and find this option displayed conveniently on the home page. In just a few clicks, customers can resolve any outstanding bills quickly and with ease. Our online bill pay doesn’t just offer simplicity. It offers peace of mind and security.


           We value transparency in our billing process and in communication with our customers.

           Paying bills can be confusing and frustrating for customers. We get it. Unlike other billing agencies, our goal is to empower our customers through a no-fuss, uncomplicated billing system.

           We are in the process of making our website completely comprehensive for customers, ensuring that their time is effectively spent. Our website is designed to provide a seamless experience, not to mislead or obscure information. Answers to common questions and concerns can be found on our FAQ page. Customers can also directly contact our team of experienced and dedicated support staff through phone or email to find a solution.


           Innovation begins by prioritizing customer satisfaction and instilling trust between our company and our clients.

           Our team is working round-the-clock to reinvent the billing process through innovation. We believe that innovation begins with prioritizing customer satisfaction and building our reputation as a trusted company.

           To achieve these goals, Tyvan collaborates with our partner medical facilities to identify common concerns and questions regarding the billing process. Our support staff and billing experts use this information to create a website designed with the customer in mind. And as advocates of our customers, we’re diligently working to make sure your money is well spent. If a claim for benefits is initially denied, our team will submit a petition on your behalf to the insurance carrier, ensuring you’ll never pay more than necessary.

           At Tyvan Billing, our vision is simple. We aim to increase customer and patient satisfaction through a simple and comprehensive billing process. No matter the question or concern, we’re working for your solution.


Tyvan Billing and Coding is a dynamic, quickly-growing company based in Bellaire, TX. We provide medical billing services to numerous healthcare facilities in an effort to allow the physicians and nursing staff to focus on providing quality care to their patients.

Let us know your experience with our team and how we can improve!



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