Keelyn Marlatt

Director of Revenue Cycle

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Education:Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
Experience: 24 years

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Claudia Fernandez

Sr Revenue Cycle Operations Manager

Hometown: Galveston, Texas
Education: Associates of Medical Office Administration
Years of Experience: 9+ years

My medical background began in 2010 as a Pharmacy Technician which then proceeded to Medical Billing and Coding.  I became a part of the Tyvan Medical Billing and Coding family in 2015.  Since this time, I have worked my way from Medical Collector Specialist to Billing Manager.  I have experience in the Medical Billing and Coding industry for Cardiology, Gynecology, Sleep Study, Free Standing Emergency Centers and Micro Hospitals.  I am a talented, ambitious and competitive individual who will always strive to succeed.  I have a passion for helping others as well as seeing them achieve their goal.  I am pleased to be a part of an outstanding company who allows me to utilize my medical administration skills as well as having the opportunity to manage a great team.  I can confidently state we are the best at what we do.

Brandy Wilson

Coding Manager

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Education: MBA Master’s Healthcare Management
Years of Experience: 9+

My career in Health Care started with training as a Medical Assistant. I transitioned from clinical to administrative healthcare in obtaining an AAS in Healthcare Information Management. While holding many roles as Health Information Management Coordinator, Sr. Lead Revenue Cycle Coder and Director of HIM, I continued my educational journey with a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration before advancing to obtain my MBA with a Concentration in Healthcare Management.

I have years of experience with coding, health informatics, revenue cycle and clinical documentation. I have a passion for teaching, mentoring and leading the future younger generation into the vast healthcare industry. I encourage and inspire others by maintaining a professional, inviting demeanor. Personal growth and continuing education are considered key values to success.

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Tennysha Stewart

Patient Advocate Manager

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Education: TSU attendee, Graduate of Lyndon Baines Johnson High School
Years of Experience: 7+ years

Tennysha Stewart started her career in the dental setting as an insurance verification representative and began to take interest in learning all aspects of the business. Her experience with insurance verification, and ability to address the patient’s needs allowed her to become specialized in the patient advocacy part of the business. As Tennysha continued to learn, she felt her services would be better utilized in the medical field addressing patient issues, and delivering top notch customer service to those in need. Tennysha has made it her goal to learn every aspect of patient customer service which has allowed her to become a one of many respected Manager’s at Tyvan Billing. Tennysha continues to educate, train, and give the upmost respect to everyone she comes in contact with. Her knowledge and experience has grown the Tyvan Patient Advocacy Department to be well respected.